Tuesday, September 12, 2017

Japanese roof and our product introduction 10

The roof of Japan to be introduced today is a roofing, a side-roofing, AT type roof. Characteristic of this roof, · The roofing line is soft and beautiful, making a heavy atmosphere. · Construction method is easy and speedy because it is a construction method which nailing to the core of rice wood or rafters, simply laying it up and laying it up.

Before, we also introduced flat roofing, side-roofing, AT type roofing. It becomes the one of the last time attachment type last time. The one we will introduce this time will be a snow-stopping metal fitting type. Difference between retrofit and prefix Retrofitting is a type of snow clasp fitting that you attach after roofing First-come first-served type of snow clasp fitting while roofing Our products that match flat roofing, horizontal roofing, AT type roof will be the following items.

Snow stop style

In Japan, it is a snow guard used in areas with a lot of snowfall.

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