Wednesday, December 27, 2017

Snow clamping fitting for snow quality 4

Hello. This time we will introduce the snow situation in Toyama Prefecture. It is the towering snow wall of the Tateyama Kurobe alpine route famous for the winter tourist spot in Toyama Prefecture.

A relatively calm climate and humidity snow a lot. It is snow quality similar to lake water effect snow to be located in Toyama bay leading to the Sea of ​​Japan. Snow containing moisture is heavy and snow removing work is serious. In addition, the strength of the snow clasp fitting becomes important. In Japan as well, snow quality varies depending on the area It is important to choose snow clamping hardware by snow quality. Products selling in our Toyama prefecture area with our snow clamps will be A type, B type, Mark Ⅱ round goby formula, Tatehira (medium), gazing tightening type erect type.

【 A type】
【 B type】
             【Mark Ⅱ round goby formula】
                【Tatehira (medium)】
gazing tightening type erect type

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