Monday, May 1, 2017

Japanese roof and our product introduction 1

The roof of Japan to introduce today is the Sanko style roof metal roof.


★ Sanko style tile-ball history of metal roof
It is a construction method that created the long roof industry, and since it was developed in 1955 by Sanko Metal Industry, it is now widely used as the most popular construction method. · Increase watertightness by combining face material, threading hanger, cap and cheap. · At the present time, we also offer lineups that enhance watertightness and design · It is a way to put wood core material in the rising part of the tile stick, and since Sanko Metal has been popularized, it has come to be referred to as a three-acre style how to do without core. I cover the rising roofing material with a cap from above and caught them like hooks and paid them. · Although sticking is originally strong against leakage, the Sanko formula can be caught even on roofs with curved surfaces with shining and rising. Depending on the base material, it is possible to make it a fireproof structure with a roof of 30 minutes. · Construction method used for roofing (roof) with a large area metal plate such as zinc iron plate. Along the slope of the roof of the loose slope (young buddy), put a rectangular rod-like heart material called a rope at regular intervals (about 45 to 60 cm).

Sankei style roof tiles Our products that meet metal roofs are the following items.

                                                        【Snow stop type A】

【Snow stop type B】

Snow Stop Mark II Sanko

Snow Stop Strong (Small)

              Snow Stop Strong (Large)

Type A, Type B, Mark II Sakkato uses the angle to stop the snow.

Strong (small), strong (large) stop snow with feathers.
It is often used in Japan's heavy snowfall area.

Our snow stop snow clamping brackets are the best products for the tri-arched style tile-bar metal roof which is popular in Japan.

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