Monday, May 22, 2017

Japanese roof and our product introduction 3

In the case of The roof of Japan to be introduced today is a roofing, a side-roofing, AT type roof. Characteristic of this roof, · The roofing line is soft and beautiful, making a heavy atmosphere. · Construction is easy and speedy because it is a construction method which nails it to the core of a national material or rafters, simply laying it up and laying it up

Our products that match flat roofing, horizontal roofing, AT type roof will be the following items.
【 Snow stop AT style (small)】

Snow stop AT type F type

【Snowstop AT type (medium)】

Snow stop AT formula (W) F type

【Snow stop AT sunroof】

F type, AT sun roof can not be used angle. Since the feather width is different, it is possible to select the snow clamp fitting to the area.

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