Saturday, May 13, 2017

Japanese roof and our product introduction 2

In the case of The roof of Japan to introduce today is a flat roof.
Characteristic of this roof, · If the existing roof is a colonial roof, a cover construction method can be done by flat roofing. · Flat roofing can be done in a short time compared with other roofing materials. It is especially effective on large roof with large area and simple gable roof. · It can be used on the roof of dome type (curved type / R type / arched type).

Our products that match Shitaira roof will be the following items.

Snow stop TATEHIRA(small)

                                     Snow Stop TATEHIRA(middle)

                                           【Snow stopTATEHIRA(large)
Snow stop gauging tightening type vertical type

Shuhei (middle), Shingiri (large) can be attached with an optional stopper with angle!

It is often used in various parts of Japan.

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